Monday, January 24, 2011


I usually do groceries about once ever 10 days. I used to love doing groceries in the city we lived during residency because I had a wholefoods within walking distance. In fact during the spring and summer I would usually only buy the essencials on one big trip and then walk there every day for the main ingredients of the meal each day.... I miss those days! Unfortunately now my closest wholefoods is about 15 minutes by car, I dont enjoy it that much anymore. I always forget to make a grocery list so I end up breaking my head trying to remember everything I need.
Today was grocery day and it was a successful trip I didnt forget anything and I actually stayed under budget which is surprising for a wholefood trip.
I am going to make whole fried fish for dinner, I couldnt resist.
It looked good and the guy said that it had been brought in fresh today, so looking forward to that. I am not sure how a whole fish is going to go with M and L last time I made it was over a year ago and they wouldnt even touch it, so I hope I have better luck today. I just realized how random this post turned out, my initial thought was to write about nutrition and how I try to buy organic and as natural as possible. Oh well, this is usually the case. My writing has a mind of its own.

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