Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I cant believe Christmas came and went

Is it me or did this year fly by?
I actually was Christmas shopping all the way until the morning of Christmas Eve. Embarassing I know. The thing is that I kept thinking I had plenty of time and before I knew it it was the week of Christmas and I didnt have one present under the tree. Thank God that in the end everything turned out fine and I was able to buy and wrap everything that I needed, but it was a close call. I guess one of my new years resulution could be to stop leaving everything to the last possible minute. I used to be more organized and I want to go back to that.
Dr.D was home on Christmas Eve but he worked on Christmas day and he also has to work on New Years Eve and Day. Not too great but he will be home in time to ring in the New Year with us.
Im going to work on a New Years resolution list, im usully horrible at it becasue I always fail but anything is possible and the New Year does bring with it new possibilities.