Monday, June 28, 2010

Awesome experience

Last week on Dr.D's day off we surprised the girls by taking them to the aquarium. They were so happy to be there but had no clue the best was yet to come. We walked through the gates and straight to the Dolphin encounter. The look in their eyes was priceless.

We signed in got bracelets with 3:15 printed on them and waited patiently for our group to be called in. When they finally called us in we stood in line where we picked up our wet suits and watched a mini video about Dolphins and then it was time to get into the water.

Our Dolphin was named Luna and we got to play with her, kiss her, feed her and play ball with her. It was truly one of the best experiences we have ever had.

Enough of my rambling I'll let the pics speak for themselves =)

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