Monday, June 28, 2010

Awesome experience

Last week on Dr.D's day off we surprised the girls by taking them to the aquarium. They were so happy to be there but had no clue the best was yet to come. We walked through the gates and straight to the Dolphin encounter. The look in their eyes was priceless.

We signed in got bracelets with 3:15 printed on them and waited patiently for our group to be called in. When they finally called us in we stood in line where we picked up our wet suits and watched a mini video about Dolphins and then it was time to get into the water.

Our Dolphin was named Luna and we got to play with her, kiss her, feed her and play ball with her. It was truly one of the best experiences we have ever had.

Enough of my rambling I'll let the pics speak for themselves =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life is a gift

Life is a gift we need to fight for every single day.
As long as we are still in the fight,
it means life is good.
You can choose to complain about your challenges
or you can be grateful of your successes.
Regardless of what you choose the bottom line is that
new challenges will continue to come
and its up to you how you see them.
Glass half full or half empty

Job junt

Folowing our big move we stayed with my parents until Dr.D found a job. We thought finding a job would be a piece of cake but it wasn't! It was difficult and put a lot of stress on our family. However, looking back I am glad how everything turned out. My hubby landed the job he wanted as a Hospitalist at the place he always dreamed of working.

This whole experience showed me that things happen when they are supposed to and not when you want them to, for us it took 5 month.

My advice for anyone looking for a job after residency would be to take your time. Make sure to consider all your options and don't settle for the first opportunity that comes your way. Wait for the right job, when it presents itself you will know.

Total change of plan

Where do I begin?

I totally slacked off on blogging which sucks because I really enjoy writing.

A lot has changed since the last time I blogged so I will try to summarize.

The ID fellowship was doing more bad than good for us as a family. We kept questioning whether it had been a good choice or not. Perhaps in another situation it was a good idea but the bottom line was that in the situation that we were currently in it wasnt. So on one night as Dr.D was driving home from work we decided that we werent going to go through with the fellowship. Of course this was a huge decision that would change our life completely and practically overnight.

Mia was due for her post op angiography in Boston and so we decided that after her angiography (The angio results were perfect) Dr.D would resign from the fellowship and we would make a 1000 mile move back home and close to our families.

One of the best moments after our decision was making the call to my parents and letting them know that we were coming home. I never really blogged about it but it really killed them that we were far away. My parents were exstatic and booked plane tickets right then and there to help us with the move.

The hardest part was telling my close friends especially Shan that I would be moving. Everyone was shocked since it really hadnt been in our plans to move back, we had always talked about staying in the area even after Dr.D was finished.

The whole process took only 2 weeks from the moment we decided to end the fellowship to the moment we arrived to my parents home. We actully drove down in three vehicles. I drove my car with the girls and my mom, my dad drove Dr.D's car, and Dr.D drove a Uhual we rented to carry all our things. The move took 2 days and then our new journey began: finding a job as an Internal Medicine Doctor.