Monday, August 10, 2009

tough weekends

This is something puzzling to me, even though I spend the entire week alone with the girls, spending the weekends alone really bug me.
During the week I take them out with no problem, but getting them and myself ready and out of the house on either Saturday or Sunday is absolute torture.
I think its because it seems normal that on the weekdays the husband is out of the house working but weekends are "supposed" to be family time.

Therefore I usually spend the weekend at home and by the time Monday comes around we are all a little stir crazy. Just came online to check my email and write this and then off to the park we go!

*thankfully the hubby is not on call this weekend
(he has to study for the board, but at least he will be home!)

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  1. I totally agree - I was fine all week, and then I went to church this weekend (which Drew always goes with me) and I almost started crying... I was too busy in the week to notice but when I slowed down to relax on the weekend I had time to think about him being gone/missing him.