Friday, August 14, 2009

not so joyful moment

I have said before that the fellowship so far has been tough. In the last week the hubby has gotten home really late every night, barely making it in the door before the girls go to sleep. This morning he gave the girls a kiss before leaving and when he kissed M she woke up. Looking at her Dad dressed for work, she immediately grabbed on to him and began to cry. He carried her walking around the room and she kept repeating "please don't go, I miss you so much" OMG it was heartbreaking. He explained to her that he didn't have to go to work on Saturday and Sunday and that he would spend the entire weekend with us, but there was no consoling her she just kept crying and repeating that she wanted him to stay. Eventually I carried her and tried to calm her down by being silly and he was able to leave.

I complain about him being away so much because in all honestly, it sucks! However, its easier for me because I understand why he is doing it and I know that it isn't his fault to have that schedule, its the job he chose and it all comes with the territory. I feel bad that I don't take a step back more often and see how it affects the girls. Because well obviously it does and a lot more than we thought. Ever so often they make a comment about it, but it had never really been as bad as this morning.

The life of a Doctors family is difficult. It doesn't matter if some day in the future, when training is over, we can make a good living. Money doesn't buy time and for me time is one of the most valuable things in the world.


  1. We go through this a lot too. It's hard, especially on him. I sympathize...hang in there.

  2. Oh, I love this last paragraph. My kids are the same way, especially my oldest who really likes his Daddy time. Saw your blog thru LDW blog. Hang in there!