Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday morning

I am sitting in front of the tv with a cup of coffe and watching Ni Hao, Kai-lan with L and M. A lot of people dont like Mondays but I happen to love them.

I get why Mondays suck for some people, the weekend is over and its back to work etc, but for me weekends are usually taken like every other day.

As a housewife I dont really get a break from my "work" and with Dr.D's nutty schedule it is more often than not that I spend weekends without him. By the time Monday rolls around I am more than ready for it.

The start of a new week symbolizes a new possibility, a chance to change things and make a difference.

This week I want to work on my patience.

I think it would be good for the entire family if mommy was more patient.

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  1. Patience is definitely a virtue. Send some of that my way via email when you find it. ;0)