Saturday, August 29, 2009

Men love Birthdays

L will be entering 2ND grade this year and she has really developed into a good reader. I am very glad to say that she can read print but still has a hard time with reading cursive. I will explain the reason why.

My sister came to visit us. We all went to pick her up at the airport and put her bag in the trunk, she sat between L and M and put her purse on the floor. Inside her purse she brought a book she had been reading on the plane. We were catching up when L asked the following.

L: excuse me mommy

Me: yes Lulu

L: Why do men love Birthdays?

Me: ummmm... I don't know, why? (I thought it was a joke)

L: I don't now mommy I'm asking you because Tia (aunt in Spanish) has this book and look it says (while pointing on the words) why do men love birthdays?

My sister and I simultaneously tried to grab the book and move it away from L, because as you can guess the book did not say why do men love birthdays, the books title was actuality "Why do men love bitches?" ... All I can say is thank God for my soon to be 2ND graders inability to read cursive.


  1. That is very cute! I used to teach first grade and it was always priceless what first graders would write. I never realized how many inappropriate words can be made from just leaving out or adding some extra vowels or consonants. Luckily they always read their own writing the way they meant it and not how it actually was written! Do you speak Spanish? If so, are you teaching your girls? What a gift.

  2. OMG! Oh that is too funny. Better keep those magazines away next year ;)