Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family dinner is making me fat

I love the concept of eating dinner as a family. During Dr.D's residency we ate dinner with the girls at 5:30 every night (unless he was on call, on those nights I ate with the girls and he ate at the hospital). It has gotten challenging during fellowship to continue family dinners, because of his hectic schedule and the hour drive home. However, we have been trying to keep it up, the problem is that we are eating dinner around 7:30pm! Which is really not good, at all. Since the beginning of fellowship I have gained a good 5lbs. I blame it on having dinner so late and not only on that, its also the fact that by 5:30 I get so hungry that I have to add an extra "snack" that otherwise I wouldn't be having. I am not sure how long this is going to work for, but for now we really are trying.
(please excuse me as I unbutton my pants)

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  1. We have a hard time having a family dinner as well. We try to sit down (even if it is just me and the boys) most days.