Monday, July 6, 2009

The start of a new Era

So the fellowship started July 1 and Dr.D came home with his new schedule and responsibilities and all my hopes for more time were chattered into tiny pieces. It appears he will be busier than he was in Residency and when you factor in that he is commuting one hour each way... well you get the picture.

However I cant complain about this week because he has to go to Baltimore, MD for 4 days and I am tagging along with M. I wont get to be with him during the day, but he gets out at 4pm so we will have time in the late afternoons and I will get to spend the day with M, exploring whatever there is to do in Maryland!


  1. Boo to the busy schedule, but I hope you and Mia have a great time in Maryland!

  2. this is my fear...they say fellowship is better for us too..but I have this sneaky suspicion...