Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our trip to Baltimore

We had a great time in Baltimore. Dr.D really enjoyed the ID course and M and I had fun exploring Baltimore. We had a blast in the inner harbor and got in one of the Dragon Pedal Boats.

M loved staying in a hotel, the last time she was in a hotel she was really small so I don't think she remembered and boy was she excited. She couldn't believe there was a bathroom and as soon as she saw it (which was on Monday at 10pm when we arrived at the hotel) she begged us to take a shower, because she has never showered in a hotel, so we let her and she was overjoyed.

We ate in a Brazilian restaurant and it was amazing (Fogo de Chao), they had a Parmesan crusted pork that was really good I keep googling a recipe for it but I have yet to come across one that sounds similar to what I tasted.

We also tried to find the "best" Crab Cake in Baltimore and after asking around they directed us to G & M, unfortunately we weren't impressed and I actually didn't think it was good at all.

It was fun, but Thursday night when we arrived home it felt so good to be back!

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