Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I need to find a way to add things to my day. I know that taking into account that I take care of the girls and do everything in the house, adding more sounds a little crazy but the truth is I miss him (Dr.D).
Our life together has not been a piece of cake but everytime that "supposedly" it will start to get better turns out that schedule wise its a little harder.
When he was doing the residency the hospital was 10 minutes away from home but now that he started fellowship its about 1 hour away from home. That commute really makes a difference plus now when he is on call it comes in sets Saturday and Sunday so basically he leaves to work in the early am and comes home in the late pm and I am "on call" at home 19 days straight. (he had 2 calls in a roll this month). I hate to whine but its basically what im doing, right?
Ok let me try some positives to make me feel better and stop sounding like a whiner.
(I always tell L and M that wont get them anywhere)

We are healthy
We love eachother
L is coming home in 2 weeks
I get to stay home and take care of my girls
I just took all his "work shirts" to the dry cleaner (one less chore for me!)
I have great friends
We are blessed!
God is good!

You know typing those things really help....

Ok, off I go to plan something to do with M today....


  1. Going from from 10 minutes to 1 hour is a huge leap. I hope this time passes quickly for you all.

  2. I just came across your blog. I totally understand. My husband is doing a fellowship right now and I've been struggling to add things to my day, especially since the weather turned the outside world into a sauna down here in Texas :)