Saturday, May 16, 2009

Washing the portable DVD

I went with Dr.D to the hospital where he will start his ID fellowship next month, its about an hour away from home so I grabbed the portable DVD, that way M could watch a movie on the way and not be bored. Dr.D started driving and I kept trying to turn the DVD on but it wouldn't work. I had charged it for 2 hours in the morning, so I knew it had to have battery power. At a red light Dr.D grabbed it and he tried to turn it on convinced that I wasn't doing it right, but he didn't have any luck either. I turned to M who had been surprisingly patient waiting and said:

Me: I am sorry baby but it doesn't seem to be working.
M: Is it because I put all my water in it?
Me:(trying to stay calm)Why would you put water in your DVD player?
M: It was really dirty and I wanted to wash it, so it could be nice and clean.
Me: Your not supposed to do that!
M: I am really sorry mommy, I didn't know.

It all sounded so logical in her mind. It was dirty, so what do you do when something is dirty? you wash it... Sigh.... We no longer have a portable DVD player.

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  1. Oh no! Poor thing. Isn't it so tough when they TRY to be so helpful?
    So sorry to hear.