Monday, April 6, 2009

I have no control

I am really good about what I eat, I try to keep it healthy and stay aways from the "not so good for the figure food", that is with the exception of ice cream. I don't know what it is about ice cream, but once I take my first spoonful there is no going back and before I know it I have consumed the entire pint. I try not to have any at home because if its in the freezer I will eat it. I even reason with myself saying that I might as well just eat the entire pint and get it over with, because I know that I wont stop thinking about it until its gone. I just have zero control when it comes to ice cream. I happen to have ice cream in the freezer right now, I sat down to write this hoping that it would make me realize that I need to put a stop to my little addiction, that I would say "Ok Mrs.D, yes there is ice cream in the freezer, but you will not eat it". Unfortunately, the opposite has occurred and I am off to the freezer to finish my pint of "chocolate, chocolate almond ice cream".

*Yes, I am absolutely aware I have a problem, but it so good!!!


  1. I am afraid I suffer from the same problem - we cannot have anything other than individual sized portions of icecream treats (like bars or cups) because I do the same thing - but I am worse, I can eat a whole half gallon of icecream in like two or three day - which is why I don't keep it in the house. And unfortunately I use the same logic as far as "getting rid of it" - except I even apply that logic to all bad things like chocolate and cookies too - which is why I tend to not buy these things!

  2. come clean....I know about your torte problem, too.