Saturday, April 4, 2009

Honestly is always the best policy

I have always been really annoyed at people who lie, for one there is never a good enough reason to lie and second sooner or later the truth always comes out, therefore the person lying ends up looking like an ass.
This morning I patiently waited for Dr.D ,while he ran in the treadmill, to have breakfast. When he finished running, he went into the kitchen poured himself coffee and served himself cake for breakfast. I was in the living room and I could hear him in the kitchen so I said "you are so mean I have been waiting for you to have breakfast and you go into the kitchen and selfishly have breakfast alone without thinking of waiting for me" to which he answered (this is funny because his mouth obviously full while he spoke) I'm only drinking coffee. Then of course I went into the kitchen and the fork and empty plate are in the sink and he says "oh that wasn't breakfast", hmmm (insert eye roll) right...

***He later apologized for lying and admitted it was a dumb thing to do, because a lie is a lie no matter how small.


  1. LOL! So sorry to laugh, but I can just imagine the sound of my own hubby lying through a mouthful of cake ;)