Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion Friday

Im participating in the salsa in china "Fashion Challenge Friday", so today I let M and L pick out what they each wanted to wear from head to toe. What did they choose? See you yourself:

M's choice

She also insisted on wearing a skirt under her dress, I have no clue why, she said she just had to wear it. Here is a picture of that:

L's choice

She looks so cute with her baby Sarah.


  1. Cute girls and cute outfits :-)

  2. Very funny - the skirt under the dress cracked me up!

  3. They are absolutely darling! You're gonna have your hands full in a few years when you have to try and keep the boys away!

  4. These pictures speak volumes about how different the girls are. And of course, Mia is in her favorite color.

  5. They are ADORABLE! I think they did a great job. Even the colors match :) I've posted a few times about my daughter's fashion blunders.

  6. Excellent fashion choices!! I particularly like the skirt under a skirt -- that's a look we see fairly often around our house and it always makes me grin.