Monday, March 9, 2009

More responsibilities for free....Yay....Not!

I think its quite funny that my husband is the king of the responsibilities.
As a third year resident he doesn't really have his own patients he is in training and he looks after other doctors patients but he takes all of them to heart he checks them out on the computer from home he calls into the hospital to give orders even when he is signed out and the care of the patient is in the hands of the on call resident.
A while ago he called to inform me that he would be taking over the position of chief resident for 2 weeks while the chief resident was on vacation and I though well that's a lot of responsibilities but at least he wont have to be on call or on jeopardy, phew!!!(because you know the chief resident isn't on call) but nope, boy was I wrong he actually will be on call and on jeopardy and doing his regular job he is just going to add on all the chief resident responsibilities on top! Because you know he is so responsible (insert eye roll right here).
I wish he took the same approach to our home life.

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