Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommy Interviews M

M at 18 month

This is an interview that was sent to me on facebook, basically you ask your child questions about you and write down their answers. These answers were given by 4 year old M.

1. What is something Mom always says to you?
M please be polite

2. What makes Mom happy?
for me to be a baby

3. What makes Mom sad?
for her babies not to be with her

4. How does your Mom make you laugh?
by doing a silly face

5. What was your Mom like as a child?
I don't know

6. How old is your Mom?
I don't know

7. How tall is your Mom?
I don't know

8. What is Mom's favourite thing to do?

9. What does your Mom do when you're not around?
I don't know

10. If your Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
I don't know for what

11. What is your Mom really good at?
cleaning up the whole house

12. What is your Mom not very good at?
swim in a pool

13. What does your Mom do for her job?
works at home

14. What is your mom's favourite food?
bagels because they are good for me

15. What makes you proud of your Mom?
watching TV with me

16. If your Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Giselle from enchanted

17. What do you and your Mom do together?

18. How are you and your Mom the same?
we are not the same because your hair is not the same color as my hair

19. How are you and your Mom different?
I don't know

20. How do you know your Mom loves you?
she gives me a bagel

21. Where is your Mom's favourite place to go?
on a date with papa

*M asked for a bagel shortly after the interview, which probably explains why there was more than one answer referring to bagels.