Saturday, March 14, 2009

Headaches can ruin a day

As I mentioned before M has unilateral Moyamoya. After her surgery everything has been great with the exemption of a few bumps in the road.... Headaches!
She has had a total of 6 headaches since her surgery, with the last one happening this morning.

The headaches are not associated with Moyamoya and in a regular situation a headache is not something to worry about, but since M's situation is not a regular one, hearing her complain of a headache has the power to send me over the edge. I begin to panic and a million things begin to run through my head. I sit in front of her asking her to lift her hands, smile, squeeze my fingers and kick her feet up.
It is so stressful for me that after she feels better I need some Tylenol because my head is pounding.

I know that its something I have to learn to live with because the fact that she has Moyamoya is not going to go away. Everything that happens to her, no matter how small, will always seem like a big deal to me until proven otherwise. There is nothing worst than the helplessness I feel when I see my little girl feeling bad and there is nothing I can do to make her feel better.
As I sit here writing this M is playing, laughing, running around the house, just being herself and that gives me such a sense of relief.
I trust in God that she is going to be fine.

M feeling all better!


  1. Hang in there! Glad to hear she is feeling all better.

  2. Of course she is going to be ok! I understand how scary it can be when she is not feeling well. I continue to pray for her daily, especially since she will be related to me one day :0