Friday, March 27, 2009

Hard to believe it has been 7 years

I remember it vividly, it was four in the morning, I was 37 weeks pregnant and I really had to use the bathroom (for the 100Th time that night) but when I stood up I began to drip. Five hours later L was born and with that I became a mother for the first time.

That day seems like it was only yesterday but today my baby turns 7.
She was the sweetest baby always happy and calm.

As a toddler she was so funny always singing and dancing, she loved to play dress up.

As a preschooler it was so much fun to watch as she learned and explored the world around her.

On her first day of kindergarten she was so excited, she got dressed in her new cloth, put on the necklace with a laminated paper fish from school (that said what class she was supposed to go to), and headed to school with a huge smile on her face.

First grade has been great, she is now able to read me stories, tell me what time it is and give me the answer to "what is 200+300 off the top of her head (the funnest thing about that is seeing how much she enjoys being able to do it).

Everyday that passes by she grows and becomes more independent but to me she will always be my baby. I have enjoyed every single moment of L's life and I look forward to all there is to come in the future. I know that I will always be pleasantly surprised.
Happy Birthday L!!!

L on her 7Th Birthday.


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday. Your going to be fighting off the boys when she's older!

  2. Sweet Lulu. We all love her and love watching her grow. She gave Scott and I a big hug yesterday and it made my day.

  3. This made me tear up! Lulu is such a sweet special girl! Love her to pieces!