Sunday, March 15, 2009

American Girl Place

I promised L that we would take her to the American Girl Place in NY, so that she could pick out her birthday present, since Dr.D starts the night float this week(meaning he will be working overnight and then sleeping during the day for 2 weeks straight) we decided to take her yesterday.

L was really excited when we told her to get ready because we were driving to NYC to buy her birthday present(2 weeks in advance). We arrived at the American Girl Place around 3pm. The store is huge and L and M were in Doll heaven.

Of course, M also wanted a doll and it was kind of difficult to be in that store and refuse to get her a doll, therefore she also got a doll. The girls both decided on the American Girl doll bitty baby, M chose the bitty baby with brown hair and L chose the bitty baby with black hair.

As soon as we got to the car I opened up the boxes and gave each girl their new dolls and then I told them to take good care of them and treat them like a real baby. L decided to name her baby Sara and M decided to name her baby Chloe Jasmine.

Its a pretty long drive home and about 30 minutes into our drive M began to cry.

Me: Whats wrong M?

M: I'm not going to be able to keep my baby!

Me: Why not?

M: Because you said I had to take care of her like a real baby! (more crying...)

Me: M that isn't a problem,why do you think you cant take care of her?

M: Because she is going to get hungry and I am not going to breastfeed her!!!

Me: (trying really hard not to laugh, which was really hard since Dr.D was laughing his head off) Sweetie you don't have to breastfeed her, you can just play with her and make sure she doesn't get lost.

M: Oh, ok that's good because breastfeeding is really disgusting to me!

Then she put the baby in front of her and said "Don't worry Chloe I can keep you forever. Gotta love the mind of a child!

It was a great day out and we ended the day by taking a picture of L and M in their PJ's with Sara and Chloe.