Monday, January 24, 2011


I usually do groceries about once ever 10 days. I used to love doing groceries in the city we lived during residency because I had a wholefoods within walking distance. In fact during the spring and summer I would usually only buy the essencials on one big trip and then walk there every day for the main ingredients of the meal each day.... I miss those days! Unfortunately now my closest wholefoods is about 15 minutes by car, I dont enjoy it that much anymore. I always forget to make a grocery list so I end up breaking my head trying to remember everything I need.
Today was grocery day and it was a successful trip I didnt forget anything and I actually stayed under budget which is surprising for a wholefood trip.
I am going to make whole fried fish for dinner, I couldnt resist.
It looked good and the guy said that it had been brought in fresh today, so looking forward to that. I am not sure how a whole fish is going to go with M and L last time I made it was over a year ago and they wouldnt even touch it, so I hope I have better luck today. I just realized how random this post turned out, my initial thought was to write about nutrition and how I try to buy organic and as natural as possible. Oh well, this is usually the case. My writing has a mind of its own.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dr. D worked all week Mon-Sun from 8am until 8pm last week and then he worked Monday too. He had Tuesday off but then worked Wednesday, Thursday he is working today Friday and will work Saturday and Sunday too.
But wait.... It gets better! Starting Monday and going all through Sunday he will work 8pm-8am my least favorite schedule! I'm not finished yet he will then also work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Not fun, at all! Its not all bad he will get to have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off which is the weekend of M's b-day party.
I just realized how bad the schedule was today, I usually know the schedule ahead of time but don't pay much attention to it until I realize that well I haven't really seen or talked to my husband in a couple of days...

On a positive note I am keeping busy volunteering at my girls school and I love it!
Also, last weekend my sister got married and I was the maid of honor that was a lot of fun M was the flower girl and L was a junior brides maid. I'll leave you with a pic of that.

Note: Hubby wasn't at ceremony but he was able to get out of work a little early and made it to the reception.

Monday, January 10, 2011


This weekend went by in a flash! I can't believe how fast Monday came.
I have so much to do this month and I havent really sat down and planned how to make everything work. Here is my January list.

Help my mom plan my sisters wedding, the date was set last Friday and the wedding is this coming Sunday. (really short notice, ya think)

Make birthday invitations for M's birthday party and also select what party package I want to go with. Party 3 weeeks and a few days away.

I also volunteered to help out in a school event at M and L's school.

Its 3 main things but they each have a lot of little things to do and stuff I need to buy. Dr. D wont be much help since he is basically working 12 days staight then getting 2 days off and back to work for an additional 12. I have a lot on my hands but i'll stand up to the challenge. With a little planning im sure it will all work out.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Strike one

So I wrote this great post yesterday about how one of my new years resolutions was to be understanding of Dr.D's schedule and his time away from us. Well I have to sadly admit that after only 1 day, I have failed!

Today was the first day back to school for my girls after winter break and my morning was extremely hectic. I began to get incresingly annoyed at Dr. D because while i was running around like a mad women he was just doing his own thing. Then when I finally flipped out, he simply said he was in a hurry and had to get his things done. Now, mind you he organized a few papers ate the breakfast that I prepared for him and got dressed. While I got myself ready, got both girls ready, made breakfast for everyone, prepared the girls lunch, and made sure they all had their school supplies. I was steaming! He just gave me a simple "we have to be more organized".

The morning was just the tip of the iceberg. Today he only had to go to the hospital to round on 5 patients and then he was coming home but was on call. He told me to wait for him to go to the store becasue he would be home by 11:00. At 10:38 I sent him a text asking how it was going and he responded good. As you can guess 11am came and went then 12 came and went too. At 12:20 he finally called to say he was leaving the hospital. I was so upset, therefore failing my new years resolution, because I made sure to let him know how upset I was. I wasnt mad that he took an extra hour and a half, I was mad that he didnt take 1 minute to text me and tell me he would be late. If he would have then I would have just gone out and not sat around waiting for him. I think thats the part I hate the most about being married to a Physician, I feel like I live my life waiting for him.

I am still going to attempt to be more understanding, I guess you can call this strike one.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


The time that a family has when one of the spouses is a physician is limited. That's no surprise. Dr. D already finished training and has been practicing for one year, all the hope I had that once he finished training we would have more time and it would all be easier have been crushed. I have come to the conclusion that having those expectations are the real problem. Ever since our journey began I have been hoping and thinking that next rotation, next year, end of training etc things would get better. I wont take all the blame in thinking this, Dr. D would tell me those things and I would believe him. Its not his fault either, he didn't purposely trick me, he thought it would be like that too. However the reality of it is that it never truly gets better. Doctors have peoples lives on their hands its not like they can clock out at 5pm rain or shine, if a patient is crashing forget dinner plans, no one is coming home, but can you really blame them?
I know that if I was in the hospital or anyone in my family was I want to be able to count on the Doctors. I was actually in the situation of being in the hospital 2 years ago with my daughter and even though I haven't improved my nagging to my hubby about him not being home enough (which by the way it should have and as a new year resolution I plan on trying my best to stop) it did open my eyes to how doctors have all this pressure at the hospital and all I could hope and pray was that the doctors taking care of my baby didn't have a crazy wife at home complaining and stressing them out. I wanted and needed the doctor to be 100% focused on my daughter.
I think that if anyone who is married to a physician stops for a second before making a fuss over the time and hours the doctors spends away and puts themselves in the patients shoes, we would all be happier (patients, doctors and spouses).
That's not to say at all and by no means that I do this now, it means that I'm going to try to do it in 2011 and by writing about it is a way to hold myself accountable for it. It will still bug me and I will still blog about being annoyed but I will understand.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!
My wishes for 2011 is that it brings us all many blessings, good health and happiness.
May God bless us all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I cant believe Christmas came and went

Is it me or did this year fly by?
I actually was Christmas shopping all the way until the morning of Christmas Eve. Embarassing I know. The thing is that I kept thinking I had plenty of time and before I knew it it was the week of Christmas and I didnt have one present under the tree. Thank God that in the end everything turned out fine and I was able to buy and wrap everything that I needed, but it was a close call. I guess one of my new years resulution could be to stop leaving everything to the last possible minute. I used to be more organized and I want to go back to that.
Dr.D was home on Christmas Eve but he worked on Christmas day and he also has to work on New Years Eve and Day. Not too great but he will be home in time to ring in the New Year with us.
Im going to work on a New Years resolution list, im usully horrible at it becasue I always fail but anything is possible and the New Year does bring with it new possibilities.